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many thanks Julie Berrington

Dear QQ, Thanks for looking after my best friend Gracie for a couple of days. She has returned looking glossy and smelling of apricots (thanks to a lovely hydro-bath . Carole your kennel technician- and Gracie's new BF, said Gracie had lots of fun. Gracie has tried to tell me but I don't speak 'woof' very well- I sense her general feeling of wellbeing though and contented sleepyness is obviously down to lots of energy expended walking out and playing in the special fun area! I am quite jealous as I have been down to London on a course and have not had fun like she obviously has! You should consider human boarding.

Thanks again, it is so reassuring to know my precious girl will be in very good hands when I have to nip away again.....

Keith & Carole Renshaw

Once again thank you for giving such wonderful care to our Newfie – Dibley. When we left her with you for her first boarding experience a few weeks ago – we were anxious to say the least! We had lost our previous 2 year old Newfie to bloat, and so are always mindful of every hour of every day with the breed. But we needn’t have worried! We returned to see her greet us in the same manner as we had left her – and that’s a recognition to the care you all gave her. She had obviously settled well and quickly with you and it showed in her personality and her ability to settle back in at home, just as speedily. So we had no hesitation in asking you to take her again last week for us – and she has returned home in exactly the same way!........laid back……..contented……..exercised and rested……..but challenged too! A Newfie snoring at midday, outside and during a hale storm, is a sight to be seen! So again – a thank you to you all.

Oz Beverley & Harry

Dear QQ, Harry has told us that he had a wonderful time staying with you yet again. You cater to his individual needs each time we leave him with you; he is a nervous little chap and you put him totally at ease and address any worries we have with the utmost professionalism. Thank goodness for Quintessential Quarters - without you we would not be able to take a holiday - hopefully you have spaces in October as we will be leaving Harry in your care again. You are simply the best! Many thanks to all of you.

Florence Carter

Thanks to Quintessential Quarters for their great care whilst looking after our whippet puppy Florence on two occasions. We would never take her anywhere else. Even though we insist on phoning to check on her wellbeing...we know she is being very well cared for. Thanks to you all.

Kathryn T

My dogs, Jack Russell twins have been coming to Quintessential Quarters for their holidays since they were four months old, they are now five and a half years old. Every visit has been a great pleasure for the dogs and for myself as they are guaranteed excellent treatment - walks, play and good company on every occasion, the standard never varies, which means I am confident about their care.

There is always excitement in the car when we arrive, the squealing in the back of the car indicates a great deal of Jack Russell enthusiasm and there is never a look of regret in their eyes as they settle into their quarters. The staff take care to ensure the dogs settle down properly, a walk is usually planned soon after arrival.

It is good to know that I can ring during the dogs stay to check how their stay is going, on the many occasions they have stayed I have always received a positive report.

A sure sign of how much the dogs have enjoyed their stay is that they have been known to cry to go back to Quintessential Quarters on the way home in the car.

I do not think there can be a better recommendation than that for Quintessential Quarters.

Thank you very much. Mandeep

Simply the best! After having tried few other kennels for my newfie 'Buzo' with some or other disappointments, I have finally managed to find the best one for my dog. I always feel assured that he will be well looked after at the Quintessentials, he looks healthy and happy after having stayed in here. I don't worry anymore leaving him behind when I am away. Jacqui, Andy and their team are all very welcoming and professional.