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Ensuring a comfortable and happy stay

Quintessential Quarters offers the ultimate in accommodation and security for our canine companions. Each kennel has a large sleeping area and extra large, tiled, undercover run. All have a thermostatically controlled heating and humidification system.

quintessential quarters

Each area is exclusive to each family...

...meaning that your dog has its own individual kennel. Each boarder is given one to one attention and all the love and care they deserve. If you have more than one dog, then they can reside together for added comfort and reassurance. All dogs have supervised daily access to a secure dog adventure playground, built especially for stimulation and enrichment.

quintessential quarters dog boarding

Features include:

  • Excellent and unique 'state of the art' accommodation
  • Thermostatically controlled heating and humidification system
  • Secure dog adventure playground
  • High ratio of qualified staff to boarders
  • Warm and cosy accommodation with panoramic views
  • Extra large, undercover runs available 24 hours a day
  • Strict hygiene and cleaning protocols
  • Individual care 24/7 (Each dog is appointed their own qualified kennel assistant)
  • Each dog walked individually, or together if from the same family (each with an individual member of staff)
  • Minimum 45 minute walk, plus regular exercise and play in the enrichment area
  • Super premium hypo-allergenic kennel diet
  • Day crèche facilities including premium food dinner
  • Socialisation days available (puppies – adult dogs)
  • Specialist knowledge of dog behaviour and training
  • Recommended by Veterinary Practitioners throughout Staffordshire
  • Free comprehensive pet insurance for all boarders
  • Grooming available
  • Dogs on medication welcome

Each guest is assessed to gain details such as eating habits, medication, sleeping patterns,
behavioural issues, nervousness and anxieties. These findings are recorded on our pet admin
program, which we can then refer to during subsequent visits.

In accordance with the Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963, a current vaccination certificate must be produced for each animal on the day of arrival otherwise boarding will be refused.

We ask that all boarders are fully vaccinated which must include Bordetella bronchiseptica (Bb) - kennel cough, wormed and regularly treated for fleas. Please consult your Veterinary Surgeon for more information.

Recognising that things aren't quiet right is very important, little things will tell us that your pet is unwell.
It could be a loss of appetite, feeling lethargic or a change in its normal behaviour, so early detection
and taking action is essential. If this were to happen, we have a very special area where we can
monitor your pet and keep a record of any changes. Sometimes it is necessary to seek medical

The owner, Jacqui Smith, has Veterinary nurse training, is a qualified Pet First Aider and has the responsibility and experience to give medicines
according to instructions given by the owner's Veterinary Surgeon.

If your pet requires medication then a medical chart will be created identifying the prescription and
dosage, you will be asked to check the details and sign the form. During your pet's stay, each dose
given is recorded on the medical chart.

Each guest is fully insured up to the policy maximum and offers cover against any untimely illness or
injury during its stay. Pre-existing conditions, pregnancy and vaccinations do not apply.

Our appointed veterinary surgeon offers Quintessential Quarters 24/7 cover.  Their contact details are:


Socialisation days at Quintessential Quarters are action packed, full of activity and are aimed at the first time user. The intention is to constructively occupy your dog throughout it's stay which will dramatically reduce behavioural problems such as hyperactivity, destructive chewing and barking.

Enrichment is also an important element allowing off lead activities in our purpose built enclosed play zone. The area is designed to stimulate the dog's mind by discovery, through sight, touch, smell, sound and taste. Each dog will be fully supervised and receive 1-2-1 care by our trained staff. Appropriate feedback will be offered at the end of each session giving peace of mind to any dog lover

“Socialisation is a life time process of carefully
exposing your dog to new sounds, images, smells and situations”

“Done correctly it will significantly reduce
unfavourable reactions and your dog will see
these occurrences as normal and non-threatening”

To make a perfect start to your pet’s holiday why not allow them to enjoy that extra touch which includes:

Check in from 8am - so you beat the rush.
An early walk or play in the enrichment area
A wholesome breakfast
A choice of chicken, lamb, salmon or light crunchy bite treats
Stuffed Kong
An SMS update message to let you know how things are.

Flying starts must be booked in advance and are subject to availability

"Our highly motivated and qualified staff are at hand to
cater for your dog's every need – quite simply, we give
peace of mind, which is priceless for any dog lover.

So, please come along and take advantage of our open
door policy. You can be certain that if your canine
companion could speak it would say, 'take me to
Quintessential Quarters'..."

  • In the time running up to your arrival check your pet’s vaccination certificate to ensure it is up to date
  • Ensure that your dog's worm and flea treatment program is up to date
  • Pre book your grooming, collection and delivery requirements
  • Check the directions and plan your route
  • Arrivals are between 10am and 6pm unless you have pre - booked a ‘flying start’
  • When you arrive please leave your pets in your vehicle. Dogs must be supervised at all times. A qualified member of staff will help you settle them in
  • Allow time when you arrive to discuss your pet’s needs with our qualified staff
  • Avoid the rush when checking in our busiest time is between 10 am – 11 am
  • Don’t forget your vaccination certificate (copies can normally be obtained from your vet) and medication if required
  • Check that your dogs kennel collar and tag identifying your name and address is serviceable
  • Bring a favourite toy or item of clothing such as an old ‘T’ shirt you have recently worn this will help your dog settle in. A favourite blanket is also welcome although in common with many companies we recognise the responsibility to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. We provide a HI K9 raised bed and a genuine vet bed; the vet bed has numerous advantages including a short laundry process. Please think about leaving large bedding items at home.
  • We understand that leaving your loved pet can be difficult so please consider a socialisation day before they board, it works wonders for everyone

Quintessential Cuts believes that our canine friends and their owners deserve the very best and dog grooming is no exception.

Your pampered friend will go home looking amazing …

Jacqui is a Qualified Dog Groomer. She obtained a Distinction in her City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate. She is currently studying and practising to complete her practical exams for Level 3 by September 2017.

The Menu:


  • Professional shampooing - to strengthen, nourish and revitalize the skin and coat - hypo allergenic sponges used during treatments.
  • Full body massage - relaxes muscle tension, comforts and feels good.
  • Oil treatment - removes dirt with a gentle and cleansing action.
  • Professional creams - for restructuring and provides a shine for all kinds of textured coats.
  • Anal glands emptying.


  • 'Blasting' - warm air to remove dead and matted hair.
  • Professional automatic dryer and hand finishing.

Trimming & Styling

  • Scissor cutting
  • Clipping
  • Hand stripping


  • Cleansing of eyes and ears
  • Nail clipping
  • Finishing sprays - which provides nourishment and defines shape and support
  • Socialisation and puppy sessions
  • Tips on after care
  • Advice on nutrition, coat and skin care.

Only therapeutic techniques of control are used when grooming,
a principle linked to positive reinforcement in which the dog is guided
and rewarded to elicit the correct position. No dog will be forced, restrained or muzzled.

Quintessential Cuts is used and recommended by local veterinary surgeons;
behavioural consultations for special cases are considered. Pricing is subject to each individual dog.

Pet creche, enrichment and slap up dinner is also available subject to availability, please ask for further details.