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Q. What makes us different?

A. By talking to our customers, we have found that they feel at ease knowing that we have a broad knowledge of animals, animal welfare and care, as well as a working partnership with a number of veterinary practices. Each dog is cared for individually by qualified and dedicated staff.

Q. Where are you?

A. Quintessential Quarters,
Gorsey Lane,
Lower Hatton,
Cotes Heath,
ST21 6SH
Telephone: 01782 791070.

Q. Who is your Appointed Veterinary Practice?

A. Shires,
Eccleshall Road,
Telephone: 01785 813955

Q. When are you open?

A. Enquiries Daily 08:00 – 18:00
Checking in Monday – Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
Checking in Sundays only 10:00 - 15:00
Checking out Monday – Sunday 09:30 – 18:00*

*Refer to your booking confirmation letter

Q. How do the charges work?

A. A daily charge will apply on the day of arrival. Pets collected before 10:00 am on day of departure will not be charged. Pets collected after 10:00 am on day of departure will be charged a full daily rate until day of collection. Final balances must be paid in full prior to departure of pet(s).

Q. What is included in the price?

A. The accommodation and undercover run area, heating, dehumidification, lighting, boarding diet, bedding, baskets, treats, exercise (and play for dogs) enriching play, pet insurance & VAT.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A. A deposit payment of £50.00 per unit of accommodation or 50% of the total cost of your pets break (which ever is the greater) is payable in order to secure a booking. This payment is due immediately and any balance can be made by contacting 01782 791070 The payment will be deducted from the balance owing. If the cost of boarding is less than £50.00 then the full payment is required. All deposits are non refundable and non transferable. We operate a strict first come first served policy.

It is the client’s responsibility to confirm that a deposit payment and confirmation slip has been received. We are not responsible for any payments lost in the post. Boarding fees are due for the full booking should you collect your pet/s before the due date of departure.

Q. How can I pay for boarding?

A. The easiest way to pay for the boarding is by debit or credit/charge card when booking. Our preferred method of payment is cash, cheque, delta, AMEX or maestro (switch). A non refundable 2.5% surcharge is payable for credit/charge card transactions. The kennelling fees are subject to change, peak prices and bank holiday rates over the Christmas and New Year period also apply. The most up to date prices are available on the website and will be quoted when you make your reservation.

Q. Do you provide socialisation days?

A. Yes, a short and pleasurable experience for all pets and their owners is vitally important. The crèche facilities must be booked well in advance so please plan your stay carefully.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. You may bring a small item of clothing which can be left in the unit this may help to settle your animal during the first day of its stay.

In the interest of hygiene and health and safety Quintessential Quarters Limited will not accept large beds and baskets that are brought into the kennels.  Items must be fully washable. We provide the original ‘Vetbed’ for kennel boarders. This excellent product is recommended by Veterinary Practitioners and considered the professionals’ choice because of its hygienic, non-irritant and non allergenic properties. The product has unrivalled resilience, heat properties, air permeability (BS4578) and unique drainage characteristics keeping your pet in exceptional comfort. The product can be laundered at 90 degrees and dried in minutes.

Q. Toys

A. You may bring your pet’s favourite toy with you for them to have during their stay. No inventories are made when you arrive so please ask for the toys before checking out. We will hold onto toys for 28 days, after which any unclaimed items are forwarded to a local dog charity.

Q. Treats

A. Quintessential Quarters will provide treats throughout the day for your pets. However please feel free, if you wish, to bring your pet’s favourite treat's.

Q. Vaccination Certificate

A. In accordance with the Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963, a current vaccination certificate must be produced for each animal on the day of arrival other wise boarding will be refused.

Q. What vaccinations do I need for my dog?

A. In accordance with the Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963, a current vaccination certificate must be produced for each animal on the day of arrival other wise boarding will be refused. Your dog must be vaccinated against distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, parvo virus, parainfluenza, leptospirosis and bordatella bronchiseptica (kennel cough).

Q. What is kennel cough and why does my dog need the vaccination?

A. The correct name for kennel cough is infectious tracheo-bronchitis. It is the most common respiratory disease in dogs. It is highly infectious, being spread by airborne bacteria, but no-one knows exactly all the possible ways that it can spread. It is most prevalent during the late summer period but random outbreaks can strike at anytime during the year.

Kennelled dogs are at greater risk of infection as they are in close proximity to other dogs. However, it is true that your pet is just as likely to catch KC at a dog show, whilst out walking or making contact with other dogs.

It is possible that dogs can be carriers of the disease and show no symptoms.
In rare cases KC can be fatal – secondary infections can ensue, which can lead to the death of a dog.

Nothing can totally prevent the spread of kennel cough, vaccinating your dog will however help to reduce the severity of any outbreak and provide your dog with the maximum protection available. Dogs can show symptoms of kennel cough as a result of vaccination but these symptoms tend to be reduced compared to the actual infection and to clear up with no further treatment required. There are currently two brands of KC vaccination available.

Q. Nobivac KC

A. A dose of 0.4ml given in one nostril land it takes effect after 72 hours and lasts for 1 year. It is recommended that no vaccine should be administered within 14 days before or after vaccination with Nobivac KC

Q. Intrac

A. A dose of 1.0 ml given in both nostrils and take effect after 5 – 10 days and lasts between 6 – 12 months. The vaccine maybe given on the same day as other vaccines, this includes booster vaccinations.
Note – the parainfluenza vaccine given as part of your dog’s booster provides protection against viral strains of infection. Both Nobivac and Intrac provide added protection against bacterial strains, thus helping provide all round protection for your dog. We would be grateful if you could ensure KC vaccinations are given at least two weeks prior to boarding.

Q. What are my responsibilities?

A. It is the owner’s obligation to inform Quintessential Quarters of any signs, symptoms, or changes in behaviour that may be related to an impending illness. If the animal is the carrier of an infectious disease, there is a possibility that it will contaminate the other boarders. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of care and hygiene, however, we cannot guarantee the integrity of our clients and therefore each owner boards their animal at their own risk.

Q. What happens if my pet is ill during its stay?

A. Recognising that things aren't quite right is very important. Little things will tell us that your pet is unwell. It could be a loss of appetite, feeling lethargic or a change in its normal behaviour, so early detection and taking action is essential. If this were to happen, we have a very special area where we can monitor your pet and keep a record of any changes. Sometimes it is necessary to seek medical attention.

Quintessential Quarters reserves the right to contact your veterinary practitioner in order to receive medical, behavioural advice or history relating to each boarder. Your pet will be covered by Cliverton insurance, subject to the normal conditions of the policy (details available on request). In case of a suspected illness or injury, a veterinary surgeon maybe contacted and your animal examined. Prescribed treatments that the veterinary surgeon considers vital to the animals health and welfare will be administered. Quintessential Quarters will meet the costs for veterinary fees for any illness or injury up to the value of £1,500.00. The cover excludes fees in connection with breeding, preventative vaccinations and any pre-existing conditions.

Q. What happens if my pet is on medication during its stay?

A. Quintessential Quarters will administer medication, but the container must be clearly marked with your name, the pet’s name, date, dispensed by, dosage rate and strength. Medication will only be given in accordance with the instructions. We will generally medicate non prescription medication free of charge, prescription and complicated regimes (e.g. multiple dosages or injections) will attract an additional charge which will be explained to you on checking in. If your pet is on medication then a medical chart/record is signed by you identifying the prescription and dosage. During the guest's stay, each dose given is recorded on a medical chart. The document is produced for you prior to departure. The owner, Jacqui Smith has trained as a Veterinary Nurse and has the responsibility and experience to administer prescribed medicines according to instructions given by the client's Veterinary Surgeon.

Q. Why is 1-2-1 care so important?

A. We are committed to providing the very best level of care for every animal that visits our exclusive kennels. To enable us to do this we create an animal profile. When you check in we ask a series of questions about your pet such as your animal’s favourite reward, play game, responses to humans and
to other dog, aggression screening, destructiveness, phobias, fears or panicking, recent visits to the vets (please be honest) and other points of interest. Each staff member is appointed a small number of animals to care for, offering continuity of care. Due to our extended knowledge of your pet we can quickly monitor any changes in their health or behaviour and act accordingly. Together our aim is to make every stay at Quintessential Quarters a pleasure for everyone.

Q. How will my dog be walked?

A. Each dog is walked individually. If there are two or more dogs from one family then they too get their own walker. When the dog is being exercised the walker will have two leads. These will be attached to a kennel collar and a flat slip collar. On occasions we get requests for the dog to be secured by a harness, this is fine but we will still use a kennel collar for added security.

Q. What else will my dog be doing during its stay?

A. Boarding at Quintessential Quarters is action packed and full of activity. Our aim is to constructively occupy your pet throughout its stay to quite simply prevent boredom. The regular socialisation sessions with our qualified staff also dramatically reduce behavioural problems such as hyperactivity, destructive chewing and barking. Enrichment is an important element during the animal’s stay. Each boarder is allowed off lead in the enclosed area, which is designed to stimulate the dogs mind by discovering, through sight, touch, smell, sound and taste the various elements. Each boarder will be constantly supervised and receive 1-2-1 enrichment by our trained staff. The play area is used entirely at the owner’s risk.

Q. What other services can you provide for my pet?

A. Dog grooming
We offer a full, in-house grooming service tailored to your pets needs with our fully qualified groomer. Please ask for further details.

Dog training
Almost everyone would regard it necessary to train their dog to obey basic commands, but not everyone finds it easy to structure their own dog training. Enrolling in a class is a good idea. We recommend a few dog trainers in the local area for 1- 2 -1 training and group sessions so if you would like to contact us we can give you their contact details.

Exercise Treadmill Sessions
In addition to regular walks in the countryside and to compliment your dog's fitness and mental wellbeing we can offer treadmill training sessions. Our Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill located in is the type used by veterinary surgeons in clinics, referral centres and Universities. It is perfect for canine rehabilitation, exercise and training for dogs of any breed. Please book in advance of your dog's stay or tell us when you check your dog in if you would like to book this extra service.

Microchipping Service
Every dog in England will have to be microchipped from 2016. It makes good sense to have your dog microchipped and registered on a central database, (we use the Kennel Club Petlog database) so that if your dog is lost or stolen you can report it straight away. It is a simple procedure, no more painful than a regular booster vaccination and is there for the dog's life. We can now offer this service for you - Enquire at Reception or call us for details.

Due to the location of the kennels and the enrichment activities that take place particular breeds, colours and coat types of dogs such as West Highland Terriers, Bearded Collies, and Setters etc will require shampooing. The cost of minor grooming is passed on to the client. Please ask if your dog is considered high maintenance.

We will generally medicate free of charge, but if the prescription regime is complicated (e.g. multiple dosages or injections) then we will make an additional charge which will be explained to you on checking in. Please refer to the medication section.

Q. Do you provide food for my pet?

A. Where customers express no preference in food, we automatically choose Royal Canin. Not only because of its super premium hypoallergenic quality, but we know from personal experience that animals greatly benefit from the diet. Free samples and leaflets are available on request.

In addition to Royal Canin we also provide Arden Grange.  Please discuss your dog's dietary requirements with us when you arrive. Please do not bring food or water bowls, as they are all provided.

Q. Do you supply raised bowls?

A. Yes, please ask a member of staff when you check your pet into the unit.

Q. What do I do when I arrive?

A. When you arrive at Quintessential Quarters please leave your animals in your car until attended to. A member of staff will check your pet details and assist you in settling them in.

Q. Can I collect my pet early?

A. Once boarding has commenced, days booked and not taken will be charged in full. This includes pet/s arriving with no proof of vaccination.

Q. What happens if I am late?

A. A penalty charge of £35.00 per unit of accommodation allocated will be incurred for any late departure. We advise you to book additional days to allow for errors in transport and other unplanned events.

Q. What do I need to do when I get home?

A. Generally clients collect their pets between 09:30 am – 10:00 am. Prior to this dogs are walked and fed before departure. It is unusual for canines to drink immediately after eating as they normally allow the feed to settle first. On arrival at your home it would be normal for your dog to request a drink. Please note that all animals have access to fresh water at all times.