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Enrichment area

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So what is an enrichment area and why is it important?

Quintessential Quarters' enrichment area is a secure play zone which allows each boarder an exclusive opportunity to interact with our qualified members of staff through discovery and play. We focus using the dog’s senses and some of its natural drives such as chase, tug, gnaw and retrieve.

Regular sessions allow the dog to run free and burn off energy in a positive way which reduces boredom. The secure and purposely designed play zone has a variety of agility equipment and other activities such as tunnels, see saws, jumps, steps and platforms. We provide a variety of toys including balls, safe sticks, retrieving dummies, tug ropes, kongs, interactive and squeaky toys. There are many different areas to explore including grassed lawn and an astro turf pitch for safe fun and play.

staffordshire dog boarding kennels

Other interactive toys are also to hand for our canine friends...

... such as giant boomer balls, tuggers, stuffed Kongs and crates, which are used as micro-environments allowing discovery, choice and enjoyment. The shaded areas are ideal for the heat of summer so that dogs do not overheat. In the summer months a plastic plunge pool and frozen Kongs are ready and waiting for that extra treat.

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The enrichment area allows the dogs to successfully explore.

There they experience and learn related activities. These pleasurable events have a significant knock on effect in reducing the negative associations such as hyperactivity, chewing, barking and repetitive behaviours.

An under cover grooming area is situated in the play zone, which also allows our team to use calming techniques with those that are a little unsure. Quintessential Quarters is the finest solution to boarding and strives to give each guest the best opportunity to enjoy its stay. The enrichment area is not just a whole host of fun and excitement; it is also based on factual research.

staffordshire dog boarding kennels