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Here at Quintessential Quarters, we strive to provide only the best for each dog that visits our kennels, and diet is no exception. Our kennel diets of either Royal Canin or Arden Grange provide nutritionally complete dry foods that are formulated to a very high standard. Both Royal Canin and Arden Grange have impressive credentials in the pet food industry and are used by many professionals.

The kennels provide a choice of menu including: Royal Canin Maxi and Mini bite for large and small breeds, light, junior, & senior. Arden Grange chicken, lamb & rice, salmon, junior, senior, performance, giant breed, light diet and ocean fish & potato which is 100% grain free and perfect for sensitive tummies.

Royal Canin & Arden Grange tinned dog food is also available for those dogs that like a wet meat diet along with/instead of dry food.

We understand that a number of our clients may wish to use their regular diet. We are happy to continue with this, however, no discounts are offered and the food must be provided.

Purchasing food: We have a range of food available to purchase. Please speak to us in Reception for details and prices