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Free Consultation and Puppy Introduction

Your pet deserves the best care and attention and a lifetime of happy grooming. To a certain extent, this will depend upon a pleasurable first experience in a grooming salon. We want your pet to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed at Quintessential Cuts. That’s why we offer a FREE Consultation and Puppy Introduction to Grooming for your new puppy. This also extends to new customers with any breed at any age, particularly nervous dogs. We always prefer to arrange a free consultation prior to your pet’s first grooming appointment for this reason and to assess condition, health and temperament as well as price guide.

Your pet’s introduction to grooming will involve gentle handling, an informal sniffing around, standing in the bath without water, discovering the hydraulic grooming table, hearing the dryer and depending on the breed, sitting in the drying cabinet without it turned on. We will also provide treats, lots of attention, positive reassurance and praise to help associate future grooming with a pleasant experience. We will have the opportunity to talk about the requirements for your breed and your expectations. Then on the next visit your pet will feel much more at ease and ready for a good pampering and you’ll feel better too having met us knowing your pet in in caring and competent hands.

Once your puppy has had all the required inoculations and is ready to face the outside world, they are ready for a gentle introduction to grooming. Usually around 12 weeks of age – an early start is particularly important for breeds which require regular clipping and scissoring. The same is true for nail clipping. All pets benefit from being handled correctly from the start. You’ll have an easier life at the groomers and at the vet and your dog will enjoy a more relaxed, stress free life!

Our FREE introduction to Grooming allows for a 30 minute appointment.

This Introduction/Consultation does not include any grooming.