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The service includes: scissor cutting, clipping, styling, hand stripping, and nail clipping, shampooing, finishing, socialisation and puppy sessions.

The Menu:


Professional shampooing - to strengthen, nourish and revitalize the skin and coat - hypo allergenic shampoos/conditioners used during treatments.
Full body massage - relaxes muscle tension, comforts and feels good.
Oil treatment - removes dirt with a gentle and cleansing action.
Professional creams - for restructuring and provides a shine for all kinds of textured coats.
Anal glands emptying.


'Blasting' - warm air to remove dead and matted hair.
Professional automatic dryer and hand finishing.

Trimming & Styling

Scissor cutting
Hand stripping


Cleansing of eyes and ears
Nail clipping
Finishing sprays - which provides nourishment and defines shape and support
Socialisation and puppy sessions
Tips on after care
Advice on nutrition, coat and skin care.

Only therapeutic techniques of control are used when grooming, a principle linked to positive reinforcement in which the dog is guided and rewarded to elicit the correct position.

Quintessential Cuts is used and recommended by local veterinary surgeons; and behavioural consultations for special cases are considered.

Pricing is subject to each individual dog, however please see our pricelist for a rough guide.... these prices depend very much on the condition of the coat and how much work is involved to bring your dog up to tip top condition

Pet creche, enrichment and slap up dinner is also available subject to availability, please ask for further details.

Free puppy consultations
Even the dogs who run a mile if you mentioned the word "bath" will be coaxed into submission and will feel so much better for a good bath. Regular bathing and grooming can be so beneficial for many reasons and the younger your dog is when you start the better for everyone. That's why we provide free puppy consultations in the grooming room too.
(See leaflet info...)

Our state of the art grooming salon is fully equipped with a Hydrobath from United States of America

What Is A Hydrobath?

A Hydrobath is a combination of a bath tub and a power bather which provides a high volume mix of shampoo and water which is powerful enough to penetrate even the thickest dog coats. The specifically designed recirculation pump massages your pet’s skin and the whole thing takes far less time than a normal bath, therefore reducing stress for your dog and making the whole experience a comfortable one.

Why Should You bring your dog for a Hydrobath?

The Hydrobath provides an effective hassle free bathing experience; there will be no struggle to keep your pet still in one hand with the hose in another. The Hydrobath is very easy use, and delivers water at a perfect temperature with the shampoo and conditioner already mixed in the water.

Hand in hand with being easy to use, time saving and hassle free the Hydrobath also improves your pet’s comfort as the full deep coat penetration, superior bathing and cleaning gives a better coat and skin condition. As a result, it also relieves tired muscles, helps blood circulation and has even been found to be beneficial to older dogs that have arthritis.

• Drastically reduced bathing time
• Full deep coat penetration
• Superior bathing and cleansing
• More comfort for pets during winter months
• Better coat and skin condition
• Improved pet comfort
• Easy, clean and hygenic